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gothmp3classics's Journal

Goth MP3 Classics
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If you're in gothmusicshare, you're aware of a rule that the mods are kind of tired of the "classics" getting posted and, while I understand where they're coming from, I don't agree that everybody has equal access to the same music and sometimes people need a starting point to pick up on what "the Gothic classics" really are.

Don't get me wrong, I have no real problem with the way the Goth Music Share moderators do things there, I just think that some people need exposure to the classics, so I created a place to get them.


1) Every post must include a link to a downloadable mp3 or .zip-file. Feel free to check out SendSpace or other file-sharing sites if you don't have your own webspace.

2) Every mp3 posted must be of the Goth, Industrial or Deathrock persuasion. Popular stuff is more than welcome here, so please don't think that you have to post something more obscure than the last thing posted.

3) If you just joined, or you don't watch the community regularly, check to make sure you didn't just post a song that was already posted in the last week. A moderator will check once a day to make sure you're checking yourselves and that nobody's starting drama.

4) ALL POSTS ARE FRIENDS-ONLY! This is to protect the community.

5) If you like something you downloaded, you're encouraged to go buy the album. I can't make you, but it just makes sense that if you can get a hold of the CD to buy it if you liked it enough.

6) Posting entire albums is discouraged, but I won't stop you from doing it.

7) All posts should include the following info-
Album Song Is On:

Band and song names are all that's really necessary, but including the album title makes things a lot easier for some people.

8) "Classics" is relative. Toyah Wilcox is pretty well-known in the UK and Nina Hagen is a household name in Europe, but their popularity in the US is limited. Same with Kraftwerk. Just because "everybody has heard of it" in Germany doesn't mean that anybody in the US outside of L.A. or NYC has. If you think it's "too popular" for gothmusicshare, feel free to post it here.

If you have a reqest, e-mail it to teir_garten@livejournal.com -- he will post requests every Wednesday *or* Thursday.

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